Betsy Hopson


My husband and I decided to purchase granite for our kitchen and bathroom and found a company to place the order with. Unfortunately, we had a horrible experience which lead us to a new company, Mega Granite. From my first conversation with Jessica, I was immediately put at ease. I give every step of the process an A+. Jessica did everything possible to help us and was such an incredible blessing. She even found the perfect slab for our bathroom and I felt comfortable purchasing it just from a picture she sent. The guys handling the template arrived on time and were here exactly the amount of time I was told they would be. Then our installation team did the exact same thing. They were very mindful of their mess and cleaned totally before they left. From my first conversation with Jessica until my installation was less than two weeks. I am extremely happy with the customer service and product that I received. Thank you Mega Granite from saving us from a horrible experience and still helping us reach our dreams of having granite!